The Real Deal
Bargaining news from your OPSEU Central bargaining team in the Ontario Public Service
Issue #27       March 1, 2002 

Thank you for your support!

An overwhelming rejection of the employer's insulting contract offer has given your Central Team the ammunition it needs to go back to the table.

Members province-wide have rejected the Central table offer by 88 per cent. In the Unified Bargaining Unit, the employer's offensive wage offer resulted in an 86 per cent rejection by the members. Voter turnout was 71 per cent.

"We are tremendously pleased by the vote of confidence we received today from our members," said Marg Simmons, chair of the Central Team. "We were elected to come here and negotiate a collective agreement for our members, one that would begin to repair the six and a half years of damage done by the Tory government. Now that our members have given us a resounding NO vote to the joke that the employer put on the table, we can go back and tell them to get serious about bargaining."

The Central Team thanks all of the members, member mobilizers and OPSEU staff across the province that worked untold hours over the past three days. "This vote was successful because of your hard work," Simmons said. "Things ran smoothly and efficiently. Your efforts are to be applauded."

Simmons anticipates that the Team will be back at the table with the employer on Mar. 4. At that time, your Team will have the pleasure of officially delivering the message that you gave us to deliver. That message is: It's time for the employer to negotiate a collective agreement that values our work and rebuilds the public service.

We thank you for the opportunity to deliver that message in no uncertain terms. 

Information kept strictly confidential

Earlier this week, a memo to all staff was sent out by the employer with regard to OPSEU receiving names, addresses and phone numbers for all employees. OPSEU gained access to this information after an order was written by the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

The release of this information from the employer is a common practice with nearly all trade unions. It is done for administrative purposes, such as distributing information and facilitating contract offer and ratification votes.

Please be assured that ALL member information received by OPSEU is kept strictly confidential. OPSEU respects members' rights to privacy, and information is never released outside of the organization without your express permission.

Quote of the week

"We move from the quicksands of social injustice to the solid rock of human dignity." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

How to contact your team members

You can contact the Central Team directly at (416) 815-0284 or by e-mail at

Marg Simmons
L. 263
(905) 844-5239 (after hours)   

Mark Kotanen
L. 128
(519) 336-6926 (after hours)

Jeff Bendig
L. 434
(613) 264-7580 (after hours)

Teri Breau-Auzins
L. 506
(416) 721-2767 (after hours)

Joseph Catroppa
L. 736
(807) 628-5147 (after hours)

Laurie Chapman
L. 323
(705) 323-8172 or (705) 835-3821 (after hours)

Michel Chaumont
L. 623

Darwin Lacelle
L. 447

Steve Nield
L. 123
(519) 383-5643 (after hours)

Sandra Noad
L. 101
(519) 657-9518 (after hours)

James Roland
L. 720
(807) 345-4609 (after hours)< <>>

Serge Valcourt
L. 634
(705) 497-4393 (after hours)

Peter Wall
L. 638

The Real Deal is your only accurate source of Central Team information during this round of bargaining. If you don't read it here, you can't be sure it's true. Don't rely on gossip and rumours. We will provide the facts.

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