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Bargaining news from your OPSEU Central bargaining team in the Ontario Public Service
Issue #25 February 22, 2002

Monday is support your team day!

This Monday, Feb. 25 we are asking for a province-wide "Support Your Bargaining Team Day" in preparation for the contract offer vote.

Whatever your local can do to show the employer that you support your bargaining team will be appreciated. Wear your OPSEU colours, hold a "Lunch and Learn," do anything you can to send the message that we will NOT accept this insulting contract offer.

Don't forget the Black and Blue theme, which began on Feb. 18. Members are asked to wear black on Tuesday and blue on Thursday, sending a message to this government that we're tired of getting beat up!

Wait to receive direction

In yesterday's Corrections newsletter, the Correct View, the Corrections Bargaining Team requested that members in their bargaining unit who are acting managers or on secondments move back to their home positions.

We want to clarify that this direction is for members of the Corrections bargaining unit only. We are still planning an overall strategy, and will let you know shortly what that is.

Watch here for any information on this issue.

Information pouring in

We want to thank all of the members who have provided us with information on the management "offer" of using the workplace to hold the contract offer vote.

OPSEU's legal counsel is assessing the information with respect to possible charges at the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

Again, thank you for your work.

Unclassifieds protected

We have received information that some unclassified members are being told by their supervisors that they will be "fired", or not have their contracts renewed if there is an OPS strike.

It is our duty to refer these managers to Section C6 of the Conditions document for the Essential Services and Collective Agreement Negotiations, titled "Unclassified Contracts," which states:

"Unclassified contracts will not be terminated solely because the affected employees are engaged in a strike or lockout."

If a manager has approached you and told you, either directly of indirectly, that your job may be in jeopardy, we want to know. E-mail the details to, or fax to (416) 448-7464. All information will be kept confidential. Threats to our unclassified members will NOT be tolerated!

Quote of the week

"Better to starve fighting than to starve working." - A slogan of the Lawrence, Massachusetts strike of 1912

How to contact your team members

You can contact the Central Team directly at (416) 815-0284 or by e-mail at

Marg Simmons
L. 263
(905) 844-5239 (after hours)

Mark Kotanen
L. 128
(519) 336-6926 (after hours)

Jeff Bendig
L. 434
(613) 264-7580 (after hours)

Teri Breau-Auzins
L. 506
(416) 721-2767 (after hours)

Joseph Catroppa
L. 736
(807) 628-5147 (after hours)

Laurie Chapman
L. 323
(705) 323-8172 or (705) 835-3821 (after hours)

Michel Chaumont
L. 623

Darwin Lacelle
L. 447

Steve Nield
L. 123
(519) 383-5643 (after hours)

Sandra Noad
L. 101
(519) 657-9518 (after hours)

James Roland
L. 720
(807) 345-4609 (after hours)

Serge Valcourt
L. 634
(705) 497-4393 (after hours)

Peter Wall
L. 638

The Real Deal is your only accurate source of Central Team information during this round of bargaining. If you don't read it here, you can't be sure it's true. Don't rely on gossip and rumours. We will provide the facts.

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