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Issue #22 February 12, 2002

Your team calls for a strike mandate vote

Your bargaining team, after several attempts to negotiate, has made the decision to call for an offer and a "no board report." An "offer" means that the conciliator, 48 hours from today (Feb. 12, 2002), will deliver the employer's offer on every issue that we tabled with them on Dec. 18. A "no board report" means that conciliation has failed, and that one party has recognized that we must move forward.

We did not make this decision lightly. We have had our demands before the employer for two full months. The employer has not made a wage offer nor have they responded to any other monetary issues that are before them.

We have said from the beginning that Management Board chief negotiator Kevin Wilson and his hired help would not bargain with us until we showed them that we were serious about our demands, about what we deserve, and about what our families deserve!

It's time to show them what we're made of. A strike mandate vote will take place on Feb. 26, 27, and 28. Locations of those votes will be finalized soon. Under Ontario law, and our 2001 "Conditions document", the earliest possible legal strike or lockout deadline falls eight working days after completion of the vote. In this case, that date is Mar. 13, 2002. During those eight working days, mediation will occur and hopefully real bargaining will take place. We have not set a strike deadline.

"We are here to negotiate on behalf of the OPS," said Marg Simmons, chair of the Central Team. "We want to negotiate a collective agreement not a strike. Should we recommend that you reject the offer, we know that you will be with us and mark your ballot accordingly."

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