June 23, 2001

Articles sought for Local newsletter

OPSEU Local 527 is starting a newsletter for our members at 400 University Avenue (MCZP, MOL, and MTCR) and 505 University Avenue (OLRB, PEHT, and WSIAT).

Your Local newsletter will keep you informed about what the Local and OPSEU are doing for you, including reports of meetings with management as well as grievance updates and settlements. We will cover labour concerns, work issues, and topics of general interest such as: OPS bargaining and the new WSIAT contract; training courses; human rights; health and safety; the recent evacuation at 400 University; OPSEU convention; and labour issues such as the megatribunal and the 60-hour work week. There will also be interest articles, profiles of individual members, social notices, labour history and possibly a buy and sell section. Articles will be short and pithy.

We have an editorial board, publishers and designers ready to go, and we welcome the active involvement of other L. 527 members to help make this a success. All members are invited to provide input and ideas for articles or contribute articles or cartoons for publication. There is no name yet, so please send us your suggestions! There will be a prize for the winning name.

Please forward your articles (in Word format) and comments / suggestions to Patricia Fontyn Editor. The e-mail addresses is:

Patricia Fontyn

Thanks! - Rod

Rod Sawyer

President, Local 527