The Real Deal
Bargaining news from your OPSEU Central bargaining team in the Ontario
Public Service
Issue #13 December 6, 2001

Issue bargaining moves closer

It is our intent to exchange proposals on issues with the employer on Dec.18. Make sure that your bosses know that you are plugged in and standing with us at the table. Beginning on Mon., Dec. 17 and continuing throughout the week, wear your OPSEU apparel, buttons or whatever else you may come up with. This is a great way to show solidarity and send a subtle message to the employer that you want a great contract.

Members keep on mobilizing

Locals are proving that there are no limits to what can be done to mobilize the members. Locals 340 and 331 have produced buttons with great slogans like: Me Too - 36% (referring to MPP raises); Increase wages public servants eat too; Fair deal or no deal; Part time workers - benefits and pensions. Let us know if there are more out there. We have also heard of another idea with respect to food collection in the event of a strike or lockout. One local representative has suggested that a new burn barrel with "OPSEU" written on it is a great container to store food in. Just make sure the food is removed before lighting it up!

OPS mobilizing video on its way

The new OPS mobilizing video has been completed and mailed. It will be in the hands of local presidents anytime. The video, which is just over 16 minutes long, is great to show to members at local meetings, especially at lunchtime gatherings. It is an excellent video and we applaud the many stars in the production is well as the communications staff at OPSEU. Well done!

Bargaining benefits from expertise

Your bargaining team is made up of many experienced, dedicated people. The members have given up precious time from family and friends to be a part of this great team. You've met some of the members elected to the table in the Real Deal (keep watching for the rest). They are members who, like you, want to get the best deal they can. But members aren't the only ones working at the table for you. OPSEU staff are there with us every step of the way. Senior negotiator Brian Gould and staff negotiators Moya Beall, Rob Field,

Tom Wood and Janet Wright have played a critical role in the negotiation of essential and emergency services agreements. Sherry Bader, from the OPSEU Grievance Department, has also been invaluable in providing support functions at the bargaining centre.
Overseeing this round of bargaining is chief negotiator Andy Todd, along with sector supervisors Roy Storey and Frank Rooney. Andy, Roy, Frank and Brian Gould will be our negotiators when issues bargaining begins on Dec. 18th.

AMAPCEO counts down to deadline
Management association enters conciliation Dec. 17

The Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario (AMAPCEO) is also in contract talks with their employer, the Ontario government. AMAPCEO begins conciliation with the employer on Dec. 17. That means the
association is in a legal strike or lockout position as of mid-January. The employer has proposed to AMAPCEO issues such as pay for performance, increasing the length of temporary assignments (without holding a competition) from six months to 12 months, management discretion to temporarily move employees to alternate hours of work, elimination of fair and independent binding arbitration, discontinuance of Factor 80, reduced benefit entitlements and the elimination of relocation expenses. The
employer also wants to allow managers to offer external job candidates greater vacation benefits than existing employees. Watch here for further news as it develops.

Meet your team members

Jeff Bendig, Central Team Member

Jeff Bendig has worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources since 1985, including six years as an unclassified member. In the course of his career, Jeff has worked in eight different work locations from Chatham to Armstrong (250 km north of Thunder Bay). Jeff even met his wife Anne, a fellow MNR member, during the course of his career. Jeff is a steward at Local 434 in Kemptville, near Ottawa. He became active in the union in 1995 when he was dramatically affected by downsizing. "I have seen first-hand the need for a strong collective agreement," Jeff said. "I continue to be impressed by the level of support that is
available when needed." How does Jeff feel about his time at the bargaining table so far? "I am extremely encouraged by the members' response to bargaining efforts to this point," said Jeff. "I'm confident that with continued support we will achieve a good and fair contract."

Quote of the week

In life you get what you negotiate for, not what you deserve.