1. OPS stewards meeting Fri Jan 4, 12 noon to 2, 8th floor room D, 400 Univ. Main agenda items will include planning for the Jan 24 General Membership Meeting; Bargaining updates; MOL VP and

2. WSIAT stewards meeting Fri Jan 11 12 noon to 1 or 1:30. meet on Floor 2, 505 University room to be confirmed.

3. Ministry LERC elections. WSIAT stewards interested in OPS bargaining are invited. Food will be provided.

Agenda items to include LMC planning; floor coverage; prep for
Bargaining (Bargaining team)
Food will be provided.

4. OPS Downtown Cluster SACG meeting Thurs Jan 10 5 p.m. 525 University 7th floor Planning meeting usually attended by Rod and our OPS bargaining reps: Paul, Victoria and Lise

5. OPS Downtown Cluster General Members meeting. Tues Jan 15 12 noon to 1; 1 to 2 (I believe Leah Casselman may be there, WSIAT stewards may also be interested)

6. L527 General Membership meeting Thurs Jan 24 12 to 1:15; 1:15 to 2 525 University 7th floor large boardroom

Mark Kotanen of OPSEU OPS bargaining team to speak; MOL VP election; MOL, MCZP and MTCR LERC rep. elections. The 1:15, 2nd smaller meeting is for lunch hour coverage members; Mark Kotanen might only be available for the 1st meeting.

Food (Pizza ;-)) will be provided.

Rod Sawyer
President, OPSEU Local 527