The Real Deal
Bargaining news from your OPSEU Central bargaining team in the Ontario
Public Service
Issue #18 January 17, 2002

What's the latest rumour?

Rumours are running rampant out there! We are hearing things like phantom
wage increases, unclassified issues being taken off the table, and deals
being signed. Of course, none of these rumours are true.

Remember, if you don't read it here, it's not dependable information. We
will keep you up to date.

We are making progress

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of mobilizers and members, we are making
progress at the Central Table. Although negotiations continue to move
slowly, there seems to be a desire on the employer's part to exchange
information instead of paying lip service.

Your work is paying off! Continue to wear your OPSEU colours proudly.
Continue to support your regional mobilizers and bargaining team members.
Continue to talk to your co-workers about the issues.

Member support, that's the best way to achieve an "A" contract.

"Term Classified" not a good term to us.

When the concept of "Term Classified" was introduced as part of Bill 25,
we fought it because we recognized it for what it was - a way for the
employer to further reduce decent, full-time positions. We lost that
particular fight when Bill 25 became law.

We're now faced with the reality of Term Classified positions, and the
reality of its definition. The employer introduced the concept in their
proposal to us in December.

Wouldn't it have been great if the employer decided to deal with their
current employees in an effective manner instead of creating a phantom
class of people?

Essential Service agreements coming your way

The agreements have been copied, divided into worksites, packaged up and
are on their way to your Regional Office. Barring unforeseen
circumstances, you will be able to pick up yours on Friday.

Employer still won't move issues

The employer continues to ignore the efforts of the Central Team and the
Corrections Team to move issues from one table to the other. We point out
that the problem lies with the employer, not the Teams.

We are working together to ensure that all members' interests are met.
This week's Correct View has information about how you can help us to
reach our objectives. Please visit
ops/bargaining/corrbargjan17.htm for more

President met with enthusiasm

OPSEU president Leah Casselman kicked off her regional tours on Tues.,
Jan. 15 with a press conference about the release of the Walkerton Report.
Accompanying Leah were the opposition Environment Critics, NDP Deputy
House Leader Marilyn Churley and St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley.
In addition, both MPPs signed a pledge agreeing to the renewal of the
Public Service.

Central Team chair Marg Simmons and vice-chair Mark Kotanen also attended
the press conference, along with 310 members. "It was great to see that
the NDP and Liberal parties recognize the true value of an impartial and
professional public service," said Simmons.

True to form, the Tories sent no elected representatives to this important
event, but instead chose to send a communications officer to ensure that
their spin was in the press.

Contact your Regional Offices for the future dates and times that
President Casselman will visiting worksites.

Member polling continues

OPSEU is in its second phase of member polling on bargaining-related
issues. This is an excellent opportunity for members in the OPS to express
their views. Viewpoints Research is conducting the poll on behalf of
OPSEU, and will be phoning members at home over the next several days.

We would ask that members co-operate with the polling, as it will give us
important bargaining data. If you have questions about the poll, contact
Randy Robinson at OPSEU Head Office.

Essential Services decision monumental for the courts

You will notice when you get your essential service agreements that there
is an attachment to the Office Administration section. In a decision dated
November 23, 2001, arbitrator Kathleen O'Neill ruled, "that where, at the
time of a work stoppage, a position previously agreed to be essential at
the OAD table has been vacant for six months or more, the position will no
longer be considered essential, subject to the right of either party to
raise anomalies."

There is also a vacancy list attached that represents the employers' best
effort to capture the scope of the vacancies in the Courts. In the event
of a work stoppage, the number of positions designated as essential should
be decreased accordingly if the vacancies still exist.

Unclassified members vital

Mobilizing among unclassified members across the province is well under
way and remains a vital component of bargaining.

If you would like to obtain information about ongoing issues in relation
to the demands that have gone forward, contact your Central Mobilization
Unclassified Unit. They can be reached at 1-800-268-7376 ext. 382.
Information in relation to mobilization initiatives can also be obtained
from any of your Regional Mobilization offices.

Do not hesitate to remind your Central Team regional representatives of
how important your issues are. We are all in this together!

Watch - and you can win!

OPSEU's "Enough is Enough" OPS bargaining video has members talking all
over the province. The video has received rave reviews from the members
and is a powerful tool for getting our message out.

Now's your chance to prove your powers of observation. We are holding a
contest based on the video and if you correctly answer the following
question, you can win. The answer is contained in the "Enough is Enough"
video. The question is:

How many different types of work are represented in the "Enough is Enough"

Fax your answer to the Central Team at (416) 815-1412. The first member's
name drawn with the correct answer will win an OPSEU polar vest, as well
as a pizza lunch for their local. Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. on
Mon., Jan. 28.

If you haven't already seen the video, arrange to do so as soon as
possible. If you already have, watch it again. It's worth it!

Mileage rates: correction

An OPSEU ActionFax sent out yesterday reported on a grievance win that
resulted in an increase for mileage rates in the OPS.

The ActionFax omitted the fact that the increase was only in effect from
April 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001, and that mileage rates reverted back
to the old rate as of January 1, 2002.

A permanent increase to the mileage rate is one of your demands, and is
being pursued at the bargaining table by the Central Team.

Quote of the week

"When a man says he approves of something in principle, it means he hasn't
the slightest intention of putting it in practice." - Bismarck

How to contact your team members

How to contact your team members

You can contact the Central Team directly at (416) 815-0284 or by e-mail

Marg Simmons
L. 263
(905) 844-5239 (after hours)

Mark Kotanen
L. 128
(519) 336-6926 (after hours)

Jeff Bendig
L. 434
(613) 364-7580 (after hours)

Teri Breau-Auzins
L. 506
(416) 721-2767 (after hours)

Joseph Catroppa
L. 736
(807) 628-5147 (after hours)

Laurie Chapman
L. 323
(705) 323-8172 or (705) 835-3821 (after hours)

Michel Chaumont
L. 623

Darwin Lacelle
L. 447

Steve Nield
L. 123
(519) 383-5643 (after hours)

Sandra Noad
L. 101
(519) 657-9518 (after hours)

James Roland
L. 720
(807) 345-4609 (after hours)

Serge Valcourt
L. 634
(705) 497-4393 (after hours)

Peter Wall
L. 638

The Real Deal is your only accurate source of Central Team information
during this round of bargaining. If you don't read it here, you can't be
sure it's true. Don't rely on gossip and rumours. We will provide the

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team, and Leah Casselman, president.