The Real Deal
Bargaining news from your OPSEU Central bargaining team in the Ontario
Public Service
Issue #17 January 11, 2002

Details coming in

We have spent the week receiving specifics around the employers' proposal.
If you recall, when the employer tabled their proposal (The Real Deal,
Dec. 20, 2001), they indicated that details would follow. We are now at
that point.

It has been a slow process as the management lead, Doug Gray, continues to
be told by "the folks down at the ranch" what to present to us at the

Apparently, patience is key!

Communications blitz continues

Our public campaign continues to strengthen. If you look up you may just
see someone you know on a billboard in your community. Scaled down posters
of the billboard design are being produced for the locals.

The "Enough is Enough" video that was mailed to your local in December is
now on the OPSEU web-site. Local presidents will also receive CD-ROMs
containing the video as well as one minute clips that didn't make the VHS
version. Please feel free to copy them and distribute widely.

A day of intensive media training has been set up for staff, team-members,
regional mobilizers and board members to further strengthen our public
campaign and communication strategy. The training is set for Jan. 22 at
the Delta Airport Hotel.

Get ready for a paper storm

The essential service agreements have all been signed and OPSEU's printing
department will be very busy this weekend copying thousands of pieces of
paper. The agreements will be in the mail to local presidents next week.

Training a roaring success

Region 1 held the Inside/Outside Strike Strategy training this past
weekend and it was a huge success.
Here's what members had to say:
"Excellent training."
"As a result of the training, I'll make sure our strike committees are up
and running."
"We'll put the pressure on!"
"Your are doing a great job, thank you for being there for us."
"Excellent learning experience - a confidence booster - go OPSEU go"
"We'll become a vocal presence in the court house"
The following training dates have been scheduled so far in January.

Jan. 12 & 13 Region 3 (Orillia, Oshawa, Whitby)
Jan. 19Region 3 (Peterborough)
Jan. 19 & 20 Region 6 (North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Sault)
Region 7 (Thunder Bay)

Region 2 (Guelph, St. Catharines)

Jan. 25 & 26 Region 5 (Toronto, Colony Hotel)

Region 2 (Brantford, Milton)

Casselman to tour for OPS bargaining

Starting next week, President Leah Casselman kicks off a province-wide
tour of worksites across the province to raise awareness for OPS
Bargaining. Activities for the tour include walkabouts in OPS worksites,
lunch meetings and/or evening members' meetings, and press conferences.

The initial tours will take place on the following dates:
Jan. 15 - Downtown Toronto, Queen's Park office, 12- 2 p.m.
Jan. 16 - London, press conference at 11 a.m., walkabouts from 12
noon - 3 p.m.
Jan. 17 - Toronto North York cluster, North York library

Watch here for more dates as they are confirmed.

Pay for performance - two lies in one

The employer's Pay for Performance proposal is really a disguise for
taking money out of our pockets instead of putting it in. Pay for
Performance removes the merit increase and grid system, along with
everyone's right to progression.

Under the proposal for pay for performance, instead of paying everyone, as
is now the case, the employer (most likely your supervisor) would get to
pick and choose who gets an increase. Remember, this is not new money!
This is money owing to you already. Chances are that your supervisors are
also on pay for performance and part of their bonus will be based on what
they've not spent in this available envelope of money.

Who won't get pay for performance?

If you are already at the top of the wage grid for your classification,
Pay for Performance increases would not apply to you - even if you bake
your boss a cake all year long. Unclassified staff would also be frozen at
their current rate of pay for now and ever more.

The power of face-to-face

Being "plugged in" is taking on new meaning as member mobilizers continue
to communicate with members. Kudos to the members and member mobilizers
who are our inspiration at the table. The province is heating up and you
folks are controlling the furnace.

If you know of a local or segment of members that are not plugged in,
please talk to them yourselves or contact your regional office for a list
of mobilizers.

Unclassified members turn it up

Unclassified court workers are filing group grievances seeking conversion
to classified positions. This is happening as a direct result of the
mobilization and face-to-face meetings happening in each Region.

Posters have been circulated to our members throughout the Province. It's
important to display them in appropriate locations where you have members.

Several of you have been asking about the proposals tabled from the
employer and union. The Real Deal from December 20, 2001 has a complete
list of all demands. To access the Real Deal, log onto the OPSEU web site
at and go the OPS bargaining icon.
You can also download the summary in Adobe PDF format at:


Quote of the week

"When the tiger is wounded, he is most dangerous!" - Anon.

How to contact your team members

You can contact the Central Team directly at (416) 815-0284 or by e-mail

Marg Simmons
L. 263
(905) 844-5239 (after hours)

Mark Kotanen
L. 128
(519) 336-6926 (after hours)

Jeff Bendig
L. 434
(613) 364-7580 (after hours)

Teri Breau-Auzins
L. 506
(416) 721-2767 (after hours)

Joseph Catroppa
L. 736
(807) 628-5147 (after hours)

Laurie Chapman
L. 323
(705) 323-8172 or (705) 835-3821 (after hours)

Michel Chaumont
L. 623

Darwin Lacelle
L. 447

Steve Nield
L. 123
(519) 383-5643 (after hours)

Sandra Noad
L. 101
(519) 657-9518 (after hours)

James Roland
L. 720
(807) 345-4609 (after hours)

Serge Valcourt
L. 634
(705) 497-4393 (after hours)

Peter Wall
L. 638

The Real Deal is your only accurate source of Central Team information
during this round of bargaining. If you don't read it here, you can't be
sure it's true. Don't rely on gossip and rumours. We will provide the

The Real Deal will be available by fax, by e-mail, and on the OPSEU web
site at