OPSEU Local 527 Stewards

Stewards, 505 University Ave.:

WSIAT - Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal

Jonathan Bennett 2nd floor 314-8830 covers 8th floor ER - Records, ADR
Joyce Farnham 7th floor 314-8808 covers Mail Room, Reception
Felicity Fowke 7th floor 314-8957 covers 7th floor Library and Resource Department
Chinedu Ijoma 8th floor 314-8977 covers 8th floor OVCR
Deborah Lecuyer 9th floor 314-8777 covers 9th floor Case Management / Systems, TCO
Holly Williams 6th floor 325-4777 covers 6th floor Adjudication Group Unit
Noela Oliveira 7th floor 314-8797 Alternative backup for all floors
Melinda Reyes 9th floor 314-0599 Backup for Deborah, Felicity
Stacy Persad 7th floor 314-8795 Backup for Jonathan

OLRB - Ontario Labour Relations Board; PEHT - Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal; BOI - Human Rights Board of Inquiry

Rosemary Abigania 11th floor 326-4928 covers 10th, 11th and 12th floors