OPSEU Local 527 Stewards

Stewards, 400 University Ave:

MOL - Ministry of Labour

Ruth E. Adams 7th floor 314-3915 covers 7th floor except OHRC and 8th floor except IT
Victoria Lernell 9th floor 326-7662 covers 9th, 12th and 14th floors
Lise Lubera 11th floor 314-1936 covers 11th floor
Gary Mason B1 326-1399 covers B1 and 10th floor

MCL - Ministry of Culture

John Carter 4th floor 314-7151 covers 123 Edward Street MCI
Malcolm Horne 4th floor 314-7146 covers 4th floor Heritage, Accommodations
Marilyn Miller 4th floor 314-7128 covers 5th floor
Rod Sawyer 4th floor 314-7627 covers 4th floor Libraries
Heather Thomson 4th floor 314-7145 covers 6th floor MCI

Ministry of Tourism and Recreation

Scott Cooper 4th floor 314-7692 covers 4th floor Sport & Recreation

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

Paul Foster 3rd floor 314-0416 Information Steward, 3rd floor Accessibility Directorate
John Rae 3rd floor 325-6253 covers 3rd floor Accessibility Directorate
Sven Saring 8th floor 325-6049 covers 2nd and 8th floor Information Technology (MCI & MOL)
Fausta Siu 3rd floor 314-2466 covers 1st floor Honours and Awards Secretariate, 2nd floor except Information Technology and 3rd floor Immigration & Settlement Unit, Corporate Policy

Steward, 655 Bay St.:

MOL - Ministry of Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Branch

Kelly O'Connell 14th floor 326-7762 covers 14th floor
Gerry Brown 14th floor 326-7731 Information Steward, 14th floor